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    At Car Detailing Langley we want your vehicle to look it’s best, which is why we bring you the services you need to have it shining inside and out and ready to show off to the world. With all the offerings in the city, we are glad that you chose to stop by our page and find out more information about us as a company, and we look forward to bringing you the answers here, and hopefully the answers to your detailing needs in our shop.

    About Us

    Car Detailing Langley has been proudly bringing our services to the Langley and Surrey area for a number of years now, and the pride and care we take in our work has allowed us to expand in service and experts on site to provide even more benefit to a larger group of people. We started from a core of people who truly love transforming the look of vehicle, from dusty and shoddy to shining and new looking. To take advantage of our passion we invite you to call us at any time for more information.

    Our Services

    Every time we pick up a cleaning product, or turn on a hose, the reason for it is clear, and that’s to bring the best possible detailing solution for your vehicles needs. We aim to be the company that changes the landscape of Langley’s roads one car at a time by providing high quality work, and attention to detail to beautify our vehicles, and in turn to add more to an already beautiful city. For more information on any of our services, feel free to read below, it’s corresponding details page, or to call into our offices at your convenience.


    Car Detailing Langley

    Though there may be nothing that really compares to the look of an untouched vehicle on the showroom floor, we aim to give you the closest possible thing with our car detailing service. We bring you an offering that focuses on the details, and pays close attention to those often overlooked places that detract from our vehicles appearance. Whether inside or out, you can depend on us to bring you that showroom shine in your used and loved vehicle.

    Auto Detailing Langley

    In order to bring out the best in your vehicles appearance, we bring you the detailed service you need with the right professionals, the right equipment, and the right dedication to the offerings we bring to Langley. When you want to refurbish the look of your vehicle, then starting with a trip to Car Detailing Langley is the best way to go. We bring you a highly experienced service in quick, yet thorough fashion to ensure that you get the best quality end result for your needs.


    Car Detailing Packages

    At Car Detailing Langley we bring you a wide variety of detailing packages that will allow you to get the most bang for your buck. Whether interior, exterior, base, premium or luxury, it pays to pick the right package for your needs. We aim to bring you the overall services you need at a price point that you can live with, and every package is carried out to the highest quality standards.

    Interior Cleaning

    Bringing the right cleaning to your vehicles interior can change the whole feeling of your morning commute. With a clean environment, you have a clean mind and can make the most of your day. This service is perfect for people who spend a fair bit of time in their vehicles, parents of young kids who love to make messes, and anyone who just wants to feel better about the vehicle they’re sitting in day to day.


    Exterior Cleaning

    Car Detailing Langley brings you the best in exterior auto detailing, to have your vehicle making the best possible impression to all the eyes it passes. When you want your car to look great and turn heads, then the services provided at Car Detailing Langley will do exactly that. We leave no detail untouched, with attention to your grills, tires, and more to ensure that your car looks amazing from every angle. For the best in exterior auto detailing, then you need to call Car Detailing Langley today.

    Car Detailing in Surrey

    We have recently expanded and are proud to bring our high quality detailing service to Surrey as well. In our ever growing need to grow this was the next logical step for us and one that we’re proud to bring. We deliver all the high quality services that we have become known for in Langley and look forward to the opportunities to bring the same level of dedication and care to this new environment.


    Contact Us For More Information

    If you need any information about our packages, our services, or would like to book an appointment for detailing, then we invite you to call into our offices at you r earliest convenience. We are here and waiting to bring you the services you need to make your vehicle shine and look its best. We are available at all times in our regular business hours to take your call, and look forward to bringing you the best in Langley.


    “I get my cart detailed once every two months at Car Detailing Langley. They have great prices, great service, and they remember me every time I come in, which is a nice touch. I will continue to come to them until my car falls apart.” – Harry C.


    “After going up into the hills for a few weeks camping, I needed my truck cleaned badly. I went to Car Detailing Langley for an exterior cleaning, and they really impressed. You would never be able to tell it just came out of the woods.” – Zack R.


    “I recently had the interior of my car cleaned for the first time, and I went to Car Detailing Langley. I was amazed at how different it looked and felt. It was like I was driving my new car all over again.” – June H.